HOW TO PROSPER IN LIFE AND BUSINESS – How Thanksgiving Affects Your Prosperity


The bible declares in:

1 Thessalonians 5:18

“In every thing give thanks: for this is the will of God in Christ Jesus concerning you.”

No matter the challenges we are facing in life and business, we should give God thanks. We should appreciate God all the time.

Thanksgiving has a way of positioning you for favour, for a man who is thankful will always be blessed-full. My business is such that I make daily income. There were times when my business didn’t make any sales during normal office hours. My accountant and those in the sales department would come to be looking disappointed, with the daily sales report, saying, “Sir, we didn’t make any appreciable sales today.” I would ask them, “how much did you make?” The answer is usually below the $10 mark. I would laugh and say, “Thank God, this is good. You guys did well. Don’t worry, before I leave the office for home, we will make more money.”

If I was to function the way people are expected to function under such conditions, I would have been so frustrated, bitter and disappointed. I would have been feeling so depressed and so unaccomplished that day. But, based on the Word of God in 1 Thessalonian 5:18, I chose to give thanks and maintain a positive mindset for success. This method of dealing with issues always works; and true to the mercy of God, before I leave the office, I always get a phone call from clients who are subscribing to our services and we get paid heavily. What we could not achieve during normal working hours of nine hours, through thanksgiving, we achieved it in two hours.

Prosperity has a pattern and a process, and the first pattern is praise and thanksgiving to God under all circumstances.

I have gotten so many huge contracts because I maintained an attitude of praise and thanksgiving to God even when the odds were against me. I have experienced great favour in places where others have tried and failed, because I applied the praise and thanksgiving pattern after asking God in prayer for a way.

God values and appreciates our praise and thanksgiving and he blesses in return.

I don’t count anything as lost. I don’t lose. If I don’t have something that I have asked for, it means the conditions for me to get them are not in place. God wouldn’t give me a contract worth ten million dollars if I don’t have the capacity to handle it. So instead of being depressed that you didn’t get a need met, work on your capacity.

If you have lost anything, God is the reason why you have not lost every thing – this is enough reason for you to be very thankful and grateful to God.

A man was riding his car on a highway and suddenly from nowhere, a vehicle overtook his car and dangerously crossed him and stopped. Heavily armed men came out and dragged him out of his car at gun point and made away with his car. When the armed robbers drove off with his car, the man started dancing and laughing. When asked why he was dancing and laughing; he said, “I thank God that they only snatched my car and not my life. I can easily replace the car, but my life on earth cannot be replaced.” That’s a sensible man. He lost his car, but he understood that God was the reason why he didn’t lose his life. The car was replaced easily. This principle should be applied as a rule to every area of our lives and business. Always find something to praise and thank God for even though it seems all odds are against you.

Laughter and praise ventilates the soul. Depression trifles progress and success. You can’t think clearly and get solutions when you are feeling depressed, frustrated, and unhappy over certain challenges of life. When your soul is not ventilated with praise and thanksgiving to God you will lack ideas for success. We are to celebrate God’s goodness everyday if we are to see success in diversity of ways.

As a rule, have thanksgiving and praise points and always make positive thanksgiving confessions/declarations of faith about unseen realities. These unseen realities are spiritual: they are what you want and desire to see happening in your life. As you make positive thanksgiving confessions/declarations of faith, you will be spiritually taking hold of your preferred life and future.

Below is a list of positive thanksgiving confessions/declarations of faith