I was started to write my blog in 2012.

I want to write the Word of God 

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Why are you focusing on an Internet Ministry?

We think that the presence of the Internet is as significant as the invention of the printing press. Why? The Internet can distribute material globally at a faster pace and much lower cost. The Internet allows authors for the first time in history the ability to give everyone on earth free access to the finest, most trustworthy biblical truths and materials.

With this distribution of God’s truths, we can literally reach everyone on earth and complete the Great Commission in one generation.  Christians around the world can make their life count for eternity as they become equipped for global impact. 

To spread the true meaning of the Gospel written in 1 Corinthians 15:1-4, executed in Acts 2:38 based on Romans 6:2-4, in all the world, through whatever ways and means, and teach members to obey biblical sound doctrine according to Matthew 28:20.
The Vision
We want to grow the Kingdom of God on a global scale so that we may transform lives and lead people to Jesus Christ. We will do this in a way that exploits modern technology and brings tangible benefits to our partners in terms of winning souls. Our success will be measured by the extent of our global impact.
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